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Thai’s Gov pushes smart farmers policy as main agenda to upgrade farmers’ competency
Thai’s Gov pushes smart farmers policy as main agenda to  upgrade  farmers’ competency
Last updated: 22 มีนาคม 2559 | 15:46
21 March 2016 – Government drives Smart Farmer policy as a government agenda to provide assistances to farmers and encourage them to cultivate crops in an efficient way

The Smart Farmers policy aims to elevate farmers’ competency in order to maintain their career in the globalization era. The farmers need to modify the way of cultivating in order to address climate changes by using technologies to solve the problems. From now on, the government has been taking serious in actions to assist the farmers since the commodity’s price is getting low. Government will shape framework for farmers to address these problems as drought and flood.

The main points of Smart Farmers policy included development of knowledge and capacity of farmers to produce high quality rice using low inputs and at a low cost. The focus was on conservation of natural resources. Diversification of the rice farming system - integration of vegetables, legumes and other locally available options - along with reduced input use for cost saving were suggested as among the options to strengthen smallholder agriculture development.

Smart Farmer Development Project is one of Ministry of Agricultural and Cooperatives’ (MOAC) policies, which was initiated in 2013. Smart Farmer Development Project aims to improve skills and competences of farmers in the agricultural sector by introducing a training program, and enhance the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and innovation in the specialized agricultural areas for 12.6 million farmers or 7.2 households to improve quality of life as well as the well-being of farmers. In 2015, there were 3,011,997 livestock farmers in Thailand.

Likely, the Department of Livestock Development has implemented this policy since 2014 in order to improve livestock farmers knowledge. In 2016, Smart Farmer development Project has two training courses, which are for Farmer Development to be Smart Farmer and Modeling Smart Farmer Development.



First posted: 22 มีนาคม 2559 | 15:46
Author : Ruksith Sitthitool