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Top 10 young people trying to save the world
Top 10 young people trying to save the world
Last updated: 22 เมษายน 2559 | 13:13
Earth day heros are younger than you think. What are the amazing things the new generation's brightest minds are doing for our planet?

Doorae Shin- The young lobbyist

During her first semester at the University of Hawaiʻi Shin took notice of the styrofoam waste products scattered around trash bins and littered in congested areas, tainting Hawaiʻi’s natural and man-made landscapes. This inspired Shin to make a change. In 2012 in conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation, Shin gathered 1,000 signatures on a petition to ban styrofoam eating products at UH Mānoa, an effort that eventually resulted in a campus-wide ban of single-use foam packaging at any of the campus’ several dining locations.

“Everyone has the power and the responsibility to be an activist whether it is through personal action or community collaboration,” said Shin


Lynnae Shuck - teaching the younger generation the importance of protecting animals

Photo courtesy of Brower Youth Awards

Lynnae comes from Florida and she loved her little stay in a nature reserve. She said we did not talk enough of these areas to protect endangered species so she founded the "Junior Ranger Program Refuge" which takes kids from 8 to 11 years in reserves, engages in workshops, observation walks to see birds, etc. Only related to a San Francisco reserve so far, she hopes to expand the project to 555 US reserves.


Nikita Rafikov- Light homes without electricity

Photo courtesy of ABCnews 

Nikita is 12 year old American who found a way to embed GFP, or green florescent protein, into windows to create efficient glass and lighting. Green florescent protein is the protein found in certain jellyfish. By embedding this protein into windows, Rafikov has found a way to light homes without the use of electricity.


David Cohen- A robotic worm to save lives


Meet David. After hearing about the devastating tornado in Granbury, Texas in 2013, David started thinking about how technology could help locate victims in a disaster. He designed his rescue robot which he believes is unique in that it could survive being crushed and might be able to squeeze through smaller gaps.


Jai Kumar- Air Purifier

(Andy King/Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge)

Jai Kumar has all the qualities of a little genius inventor and several small handy inventions are already out of his studio, but his masterstroke is an air purifier using solar energy, built for cheap and useful for the poorest populations from developing countries where air pollution is very high.


Hannah Herbs- Bringing Electricity Access to Countries Through Ocean Energy Collection (BEACON)

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Hannah's Ocean Energy Probe aims to provide a stable power source and fresh water to developing countries around the globe by using untapped energy from ocean currents. The energy is stored in a generator, and then can be harnessed for many uses, including the desalinization of water. Hannah entered the Young Scientist Challenge because she wants to try to make her dream of global access to fresh water, by making her Ocean Energy Probe, a reality.


Ann Makosinski - the flashlight that works with human warmth

Photo courtesy of nbcnews

Ann Makosinski simply invented a flashlight that works with human warmth. With this genius idea, she won the contest Google Science and hosted a Ted Talk, as well as a small conference at Harvard.


Sahil Doshi- The Polucell: a battery that uses carbon dioxide and other wastes

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

His battery cell invention will use carbon dioxide and other waste materials to help clear the atmosphere from greenhouse gas emissions and additionally is a low-cost alternative for electricity in developing countries.


Sean Russel- Stow It- Don’t Throw it

Photo from the "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project website

Sean Russell launched the Stow It-Don't Throw Project It when he was 16. This project is reusing cans of tennis balls, turns them into recycling tubes, and distributes them to the fishermen. Instead of throw their nets in the ocean, they can stow them in those cans. Today the project has expanded in 10 states.


Ana Humphrey- WANBRC

Humphrey has developed a calculator, the Wetlands Are Needed for Bacteria Removal Calculator (aka WANBRC) to calculate how much wetland is needed to keep waterways clean in threatened areas and prevent deadly cholera outbreaks, particularly after natural disasters such as earthquakes that disturb regular waterway access.


The work and determination of these young innovators is a testimony to the changing landscape of the world’s understanding of the state of our planet. Today, we are being challenged by unprecedented changes in climate and resources, as well as unparalleled repercussions of our previous choices. The scientific and passionate minds of the next generation holds the key to us creating a better future for everyone.

First posted: 22 เมษายน 2559 | 13:11
Author : Jérémy Brassart